2020 Registration Information!

UpdatedWednesday January 1, 2020 byNorth Arlington Little League.

2020 Registration is open!
(Please read all below)

IMPORTANT: In 2017, Little League has slightly revised their documentation requirements (see below). For your convenience, after initiating the registration for each child, the required School Enrollment and Medical Release forms will be populated with the information entered during registration. They will then be available for download on your Account Overview page after payment is completed. Each will need to be completed, signed, and uploaded for verification via the Account Overview page.

NOTE: During the registration process, you will be prompted for the Little League Medical Release and School Enrollment forms. Initially, you should hit the SKIP button, as they will be populated with the information you entered, and then available after entering your information and completing the payment portion of the process. Once payment is completed, the Little League Medical Release and School Enrollment forms will be available on your Account Overview page to the right of each child's name. You will be required to print both forms, complete and sign where indicated. The School Enrollment form will require your child's school principal / designated administrator to complete and sign a portion of that form before uploading to our site for verification.

  1. Please have a digital copy of your child's birth certificate. If using mobile phone photo, please ensure the entire document is visible and clearly legible. Otherwise, it will be rejected.
  2. If your child attends school in North Arlington, NJ, you will need to complete the Little League School Enrollment form (available on your Account Overview page after initiating registration), and have the school administrator complete their designated portion before uploading to your account. A parent's signature is also required. This is now mandatory for NJ District 5 Little League players. This is by far, much simpler than the 2017 residency proof requirements (see next bullet).
  3. If your child resides in North Arlington, NJ, but attends school outside of the district, you will need to provide proof of residency as outlined on the link provided here: (http://nabaseball.net/site/ClientSite/article/2807263)
  4. A completed Little League Medical Release form is also a mandatory part of the registration paperwork (available on your Account Overview page). Once signed and completed, you will need to upload one for each player for verification.

When submitting the forms, ALL content must be visible and clearly legible. They will be verified by a member of our Executive Board before assignment to a team. 

If registering from a mobile device, you will need to have pictures of documents stored in your device's library, as it currently will not allow you to take a photo during the registration process.

Also, when setting up your account, use one of the parents’ names. You will then be prompted to add another adult. If yours is a multiple parent household, all that you enter will be in the system for contact by the team coach. You do have the option to Skip and go to the section where you add the children. You should add ALL of your children before checking out. This will allow you to receive the multiple child discount of $10 for the 2nd child, and $20 for each subsequent child.

Age determination is set by Little League International. The 2020 chart can be found at this link: https://www.littleleague.org/downloads/2020-baseball-age-chart/

NON-RESIDENTS: According to Little League Baseball® (of which we are a charter member), if you are not a resident of North Arlington, NJ, but your child attends school within the town, you are eligible to join our program (see #3 above). If your child does not reside or attend school in North Arlington, NJ, they are NOT eligible to participate. 


CONCESSION STAND: Each family in the league is asked to provide an adult to serve a minimum of one game per child in our concession stand. Parents have the option of a buyout for $100. The concession stand duty schedule will be handed out prior to opening day.

VOLUNTEERS: Anyone interested in volunteering in any capacity please speak with one of our board members or contact the league president. We are not just looking for coaches. Please inquire if you are interested in participating.

-- North Arlington Little League