Fingerprinting Process

Updated Tuesday December 11, 2018 by North Arlington Little League.

The North Arlington Recreation Commission mandates that all managers and coaches interacting with the children during games and/or practices will have passed the required background check.

  • Go in person to North Arlington Police Headquarters and tell the Dispatcher that you need to get fingerprinted as a volunteer coach. You will need to present your Drivers License. They will provide you with at form, some additional instructions, and a case number. Inform the Dispatcher which sport(s) you will be coaching. You must tell the Dispatcher if you are coaching more than one sport, but you will only get fingerprinted once.
  • Go online to to make an appointment.  You may also call the number on the form, but online registration is preferred. Fill out boxes #1 to #8 EXACTLY as shown in the additional instructions.
  • Fill out boxes #9 through #26 on the form.  You will need this information when you register.  If you register online, you will pay at this time.  If you register by phone, you pay when you go to the site.
  • Read all instructions carefully when making your appointment, including instructions regarding cancelling or re-scheduling your appointment.
  • Record the PCN number you are given on the bottom of the form.
  • Bring photo identification and the form on the day of your appointment. DO NOT BE LATE.  You will not be taken if you miss your appointment time.
  • After you are fingerprinted, return a copy of the form and your receipt to your league representative as proof.  Retain a copy for your own records.  Fingerprinting is good for three (3) years.

Once you have completed the process detailed above, please email or text a clear photo of the receipt to the Little League Compliance Officer: Brian McGeehan – – 201.988.8588